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Beer-Making & Wine-Making Supplies in Erie, Pennsylvania

Beer Supplies, Beer-Making Supplies in Erie, PA
Wine Supplies, Beer-Making Supplies in Erie, PA
Equipment, Beer-Making Supplies in Erie, PA


Brewing beer is an exciting activity. It’s great to be able to taste your own creation using our beer kits.


Sip on a great tasting wine that you created. We carry a variety of wine kits at our store.


Discover all the essential bottling and brewing equipment that you will need create your own beverages.

Contact us in Erie, Pennsylvania, to request more information about our beer- and wine-making supplies.
• On-Site Beer & Wine-Making Classes (Our Next Wine-Making Class is on 10/26/13) Lowest Prices Offered Every Day without Coupons or Specials

About Us

Discover the highest quality beer-making and wine-making supplies at our store, Bierhaus International in Erie, Pennsylvania. We are a full-service beer, wine, hard cider, soda, and mead-making retail supplier. We have more than 30 years of experience that can turn even the novice into an expert. You will find all the products needed to make your own beverages.

Our team will walk you through the entire process and answers all your questions to make sure that you understand before and after your purchase from us. Our goal is to always take care of you with all the resources needed to be successful.

A Message from the Owner

Dave Skonieczka grew up on the Erie. In 1981, while living in Colorado, he became interested in home brewing and brewed his first batch of beer. He makes beer and wine on a regular basis from the many beer ingredients and wine kits that he has in stock. Dave says, “The more I learn about beer or wine making the less I realize I actually understand. The great aspect of beer, wine, and mead making is the interaction of the ingredients necessary to produce a desired result.

Whenever I sample a beer or wine that I have made, I am back to being a small child on Christmas day opening Christmas presents. The thrill of tasting a beer or wine for the first time and sharing with friends and family is priceless. My passion is always looking for new and better ways to learn my craft and interaction with other enthusiasts. I have learned from brewers across the country in my travels. My favorite types of beers to make and drink are IPA and Belgium beers.”


Established in 1999
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